Electrification Solutions for Electric Skid Steer Loaders

Electric Skid Steer Loaders can operate in outdoor environments, but because of their quiet operation and zero emissions, they could also be used for indoor demolition and work near hospitals, schools and other noise- and pollution-sensitive environments. They are designed to require little maintenance, partly because it uses less hydraulic fluid than a diesel skid steer.

Discover all the advantages to move to Electric Skid Steer Loaders.

Electric solutions for constructions

How to Electrify a Skid Steer Loader

An electric skid steer loader is equipped with two electrified systems. First concern electric wheel drives for traction while second concerns the electro-hydraulic system for auxiliary services.


We can support any electrification project by dimensioning the entire electrical system of your steer skid loader.

Electrification Connected

Benevelli services don't just stop at auxiliary and traction, we can do a lot more to increase the productivity of your electric vehicles.

Thanks to BenConnect in-fact you can follow in real-time performance data visualization of your electric vehicles during each run.


BenConnect is a device for the acquisition, storage and analysis of electric vehicles data.

You can collect data and use them as a tool: decisions are made objectively and data allow you to measure improvements in terms of performances.

BenConnect platform constantly works to detect abnormal activities in vehicles. It can directly notify to one or more smartphones or send an e-mail if an event is detected.

You can use this device to create predictive models that anticipate breakdowns before they happen. Because of our tracking technology, we have all of that information; we can analyze it and create a model that helps us prevent that from happening in the future.

Electric Skid Steer Loaders are increasingly used in urban environments with associated legislative and market pressure for particulate emissions.

Our customers developing and offering hybrid and pure electric vehicles for construction are finding many benefits. Tools work more precisely, responsively and with higher power surges when electric and their braking energy is easily grabbed by supercapacitors instead of wasted as heat.

Reliability hugely improves and ground pollution and danger from leakage of hot hydraulic fluid becomes a thing of the past. Four wheel vectored electric traction and drive reduces fuel consumption and damage to surfaces. Near wheel electric motors eliminate axles making for a smaller, more easily manoeuvred and lower cost machines.

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