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Why Right Cables Makes Differences

Choosing the Right Motor Cables  Cable Sizing for Electric Vehicles When you think of what makes up an EV, cables and wires probably aren’t the first components that come to mind. Whe­ther hy­brid, all-elec­tric or fuel cell all the­se ve­hi­cle...

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Motors for Electric Vehicles

Motors for Electric Vehicles  Permanent Magnet Synchronous and asynchronous motors  WHICH MOTORS ? Hybrid and battery electric vehicles are equipped with at least an electric traction motor. Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (SMAC) and...

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Wheel Drives for AGV

4 Cost-Saving Benefits of Automated Guided Vehicles  What are AGVs used for? Reducing Labor Cost The most obvious cost saving that comes from implementing automated guided vehicles is a reduction in labor costs because you are...

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Last Mile Delivery EVs

Why Are EVs the Future For Last-Mile Delivery? Electric delivery vehicles are becoming a more common sight on inner city roads low-emission zones Increasingly, low-emission zones in cities like London and Berlin, or other state and local...

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Look Back at EVT19

Look Back at Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Expo EVT 2019 Wraps Up with Record Attendance PHOTOGALLERY EVTECH EXPO was once again great than previous editions Electric vehicles face a number of challenges,...

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Introducing TX1 MAX Serie

The power of TX1. Taken further. TX1 MAX Serie When PLUS is not ENOUGH TX1 MAX SERIE DISCOVER ALL DETAILS ELECTRIC MOTOR High efficiency motors Power up to 3kW Tension up to 120V EM BRAKE with manual...

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Canimex Electrification Kit

Urgent needs of Electric Axles for your prototypes? Canimex offers solutions for North America Market Compact & powerful electric powered axels with load capacity up to 1,600 kg TX1 Serie simply powerful ...

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Benefit of Synthetic Lubricants

Why synthetic oil brings benefits to your powertrain Synthetic oil vs regular oil, which one is better? why synthetic oil Continuous improvement is the only way. We are proud to present the research carried together the engineering...

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IP 66 Waterproof Motors

IP67 MOTORS The perfect way to protect unit in harsh environmental conditions superseals connectors motor body IP67 protected terminal block WHAT'S IP RATING IP rating is also known as Ingress Protection or International...

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